Podcasts, present and future

If you’re not yet listening to English>Swedish translator Tess Whitty’s new podcast Marketing tips for translators, I highly recommend it! Last night while cooking dinner, I listened to Tess interviewing Karen Tkaczyk about the pros, cons and best practices of working in a highly specialized field (for Karen, French to English chemistry translation). Definitely check it out!

Eve Bodeux and I just scheduled our next Speaking of Translation conference call/podcast. On the topic of “Speaking of Interpreting,” we’ll be interviewing Katharine Allen and Barry Slaughter Olsen, Co-Presidents of InterpretAmerica. We’re really excited to “cross the aisle” for this (free) call, with a podcast recording available afterward. Barry and Katharine will fill us in on the current state of interpreting in the US, what they see in the near future, what interpreters and translators can learn from each other, and what a new interpreter needs to do to succeed. All of the access information is on our website, and we’ll post a recording afterward.

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