Two new online courses

I’m excited to announce two new online courses that I’ll be offering this spring/summer. I’m still running my flagship courses for beginning and experienced translators (Getting Started as a Freelance Translator and Beyond the Basics of Freelancing), but I’ve developed two new quick-start classes for people who want a shorter course with minimal homework, but with lots of one-on-one coaching. Here they are!

Breaking Into the Agency Market starts May 13 and runs for three weeks. I’ll send you three slide show lessons (finding agencies; marketing to agencies; working successfully with agencies), we’ll do three group conference calls and you’ll get an hour of one-on-one coaching with me, which you can do by phone or e-mail. Registration is $190, or $175 if you’re an ATA member.

Breaking Into the Direct Client Market starts July 1 and runs for three weeks. Same format as above (three slide shows, three group calls, an hour of one-on-one time) but for translators who want to work with direct clients. Same price too! $190, or $175 if you’re an ATA member.

I’m excited to launch these new formats and hope to see some of you there!

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