In the Balance, episode 7: work-life balance and money

Here’s episode 7 of In the Balance, the series of work-life balance videos that I’m doing for the Standing Out Facebook group (this ‘season’ will feature 10 episodes, then I’ll go on hiatus for a bit). First, let me say that I know the lighting in this episode is really dark and grainy, and I apologize (prepare for excuse…). Normally I film them in the conference room at my office, which was occupied all day, and it was dark by the time I got home, and it turns out that normal home lighting looks really bad on video, but I really wanted to submit this for its usual Friday air time. Anyway…

We often think of money as a “serious” topic and work-life balance as a “soft” topic, but they’re actually quite interconnected. Without a healthy perspective on both of these, you can easily end up with a lot of money and no time, or a lot of time and no money. In this video, I offer various tips on how to align your financial philosophy and your work-life balance philosophy. Enjoy (in the dark)!

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