Monthly Archive:: September 2016

Happy international translation day!

Every year on September 30, the worldwide translation community celebrates International Translation Day, which coincides with the feast of Saint Jerome–often thought of as the patron saint of translators. This year’s ITD theme (submitted by ATA President David Rumsey and selected by FIT, the international federation of translators) is Connecting Worlds. FIT’s press release notes

Analog words in the digital age

Here’s a random linguistic observation… Earlier this week, I was translating away on some public health materials, and came to the expression “composer notre numéro sans frais.” Knee-jerk translation: call our toll-free number (to get information about this public health initiative). And then it occurred to me, is it still correct to call something a

Non-billable work: learn to live with it!

Thanks to reader Lisa Rodriguez for suggesting this post! Lisa (correctly) points out that “even with well-oiled procedures, it is *normal* to spend hours” on tasks like record-keeping, cleaning up bills and outstanding invoices, etc. As Lisa comments, “It’s part of the job…no point in getting bent out of shape about it.” Yes. Amen. I