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Why don’t more translation agencies…

I wonder a couple of things about translation agencies. And when I say “I wonder…,” I mean that honestly. Not as in “most agencies do it this way, and that’s clearly the wrong way.” As in “I honestly wonder.” Here we go: Why don’t more agencies have in-house translators? The knee jerk answer to this

Links I like

On this pre-Thanksgiving Friday (and after Colorado’s first snowstorm of the season!), here are a few links to keep you busy if you’re taking time off next week: If you’re an interpreter, note that ATA’s Credentialed Interpreter designation is now open for business. This is *not* an interpreter certification program, but it allows interpreters certified

Some thoughts on freelance income

We all know that freelance income and salaried income are two different things. There are hard factors (self-employment tax, health insurance, paid time off) and soft factors (flexibility, enjoying your work, being able to live where you want). But at a certain point, you have to run the numbers, which you should do at least

Links I like

As we wrap up the week, here are a few links I’d recommend! Don’t quit your job to chase your dreams until you’ve read this, an excellent post from ProBlogger. I agree with ProBlogger on this one: whenever I have students who say, “That’s it! I’m giving my two weeks notice and failure is not

Six things every beginning translator needs to know

Last week’s ATA conference reminded me how very intimidating and scary one’s first few years as a freelancer can be. What’s stressful? Basically everything. Everything you write or say to a client or a potential client; every translation you proofread and re-proof and re-proof, worrying that there’s a horrific error hiding in there somewhere; every