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On this pre-Thanksgiving Friday (and after Colorado’s first snowstorm of the season!), here are a few links to keep you busy if you’re taking time off next week:

  • If you’re an interpreter, note that ATA’s Credentialed Interpreter designation is now open for business. This is *not* an interpreter certification program, but it allows interpreters certified by other entities to have that certification noted on their ATA directory profile. The idea is to provide some level of parity in the directory for interpreters, since Certified Translators have that designation noted on their directory profiles. You can read all about the requirements and how to apply, using the link above.
  • Eve Bodeux and I just released the November episode of Speaking of Translation, and it’s on how to write a great translator resume. We discussed the key elements of writing a professional, attention-getting resume, some pitfalls and best practices, and some alternatives to a resume if you work with direct clients. Serious translator geekery, but we had fun with it.
  • If you missed this year’s ATA conference (or if you were there but want to relive it!), you can watch the highlights video on ATA’s YouTube channel. You can also read wrapup posts from some attendees: Claire Cox wrote about being a first-time attendee from outside the US, and Paula Arturo wrote about being a repeat attendee and presenter from outside the US.
  • And speaking of translator geekery, Grammar Girl has a great new post on the differences between i.e. and e.g. in English. I have a client that uses these a lot, so I found this very helpful!
  • And finally, if you haven’t had enough of translator conferences, I noticed that registration is now open for ITI’s 2017 conference, May 18-20 in Cardiff.
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