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OT: using an iPhone with Tracfone service

Here’s a tech hack that might be useful: how to use an iPhone with Tracfone service. It’s a small thing, but it made me inordinately happy when it worked. Disclaimer: your mileage may vary, so purchase a returnable phone if you try this. As I’ve written about before, I’m a big fan of Tracfone. Even

Reader asks: “Is this whole freelance thing worth it?”

“Is this whole freelance thing worth it?” It’s a somewhat pessimistic question, but one that I hear with some frequency from readers and students. Corollaries include “I worry about machine translation putting us out of business.” “I’m 57 and only plan on working for another 8-10 years.” “I’m working too hard for the amount of

This blog, by the numbers

Here’s a short post inspired by a question from a reader, who asked, “You seem open to ‘ask me anything’ types of questions, and I wonder if you could give us some statistics about your blog. How much traffic does it get? How many people are on your e-mail list? Do you make any money