Monthly Archive:: January 2017

Speaking of Translation: tips for getting things done, productivity, and time management

In this episode, Eve and Corinne offer tips for getting things done: how to get into the productivity mindset, how to form a productivity support group, and how to tailor your time management techniques to your personality. We also recommend the following podcasts on productivity: Tess Whitty’s interview with Get It Done Guy Stever Robbins

Recommended podcasts for freelancers

I’m a bit of a podcast junkie (we don’t have TV, so…). Partially, I just like audio as a change from reading. But I also find that podcasts offer an option to multi-task without losing your mind. Listening to a podcast actually makes going to the gym *more* appealing, and makes long car rides less

Beyond the Basics of Freelancing: starts Monday

“In my opinion, the greatest occupational hazard of being a freelance translator is the “triple threat” of unfamiliarity with business practices, ways to get clients, and discouragement. This course provided me with actionable strategies to grow my translation business and was a huge motivator. It’s been worth every penny of the registration fee and then

Selling the result

Here’s a basic but critical mistake that lots of freelancers make when marketing to direct clients. When the client asks, for example, “Why should we hire you?,” the freelancer’s answer promotes a) their life story, or b) their process. Don’t do this (we’ll talk about why). Instead, sell the result of your services, so that