Beyond the Basics of Freelancing: starts Monday

“In my opinion, the greatest occupational hazard of being a freelance translator is the “triple threat” of unfamiliarity with business practices, ways to get clients, and discouragement. This course provided me with actionable strategies to grow my translation business and was a huge motivator. It’s been worth every penny of the registration fee and then some. Thank you so much!”

“Beyond the Basics of Freelancing has helped me shore up and solidify my current working practices while giving me the confidence to take my business to the next level. I benefited greatly from the personal exchanges with Corinne and other seasoned freelancers. Highly recommended!”

These are some comments I received from participants in my online course, Beyond the Basics of Freelancing. The next session starts Monday, and it’s a great opportunity to get going on your goals for 2017. Registration is $380 ($365 for ATA members), and includes:
  • 12 online videos with the core course materials
  • Individual feedback on weekly homework assignments (your resume or professional profile, marketing plan, rates/billable hours sheet and online presence)
  • 8 live question and answer sessions (recordings provided if you can’t attend live)
  • Daily tasks to help you break your goals down into manageable steps
  • E-mail support from me throughout the course; you can ask whatever you want!

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