New book: Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies

One of my behind-the-scenes projects for this year is a series of narrow-topic books for freelance translators. The first one, Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies, is freshly pressed and available in print, Kindle, and PDF format. I think that many translators feel torn between two realities: agencies are the backbone of many translators’ businesses, but there have been a lot of recent shifts in the agency market, making it more difficult to find quality agencies to work with. I’m hoping that this book provides some helpful advice on those fronts.

Big thanks to everyone who submitted a question in response to my post, Your questions about working with agencies? earlier this year. Those questions morphed into a larger-than-expected chapter, but I think they added a lot to the book. Everyone who submitted a question has now received their free contributor copy as well.

Finding and Marketing to Translation agencies is available for US $9.95 in three formats: PDF (auto-download from my website after purchase), paperback from Amazon, or Kindle from Amazon. Thanks also to my awesome book designer Sue Campbell, who takes a plain old Word document and turns it into a beautiful book!

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