Your questions about working with direct clients?

This year, I’m working on a series of single-topic books for freelance translators. The first one, Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies is available now, and the second one, Finding and Marketing to Direct Clients, is in the works. I originally referred to these as e-books, but my book designer convinced me to do a paperback version as well. I’m glad that I allowed myself to be overruled on that one, because the paper version is actually outselling both the PDF and Kindle versions as of now.

As with the agencies book, I’d like to include a chapter of reader questions in the direct clients book. If you have a question about working with direct clients, please:

  • Submit your question as a comment on this post
  • Specify whether it’s OK for me to use your name if I answer your question in the book

If I use your question, you will receive a free PDF copy of the book when it’s published. And if you’re interested in diving into the direct client market right away, the next session of my online course Marketing to Direct Clients starts next Wednesday–November 1. That link will take you to the full course description, feedback from past students, and a preview of the self-paced course videos.

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