What to do if your business stagnates: interview with Translators on Air

Things have been hopping here at the Thoughts on Translation world headquarters (also known as my desk in the co-working office…); I’m deep in a couple of large but enjoyable translation projects, my first translation skills class (Translation Workshop: French to English) is humming along in its fourth week with a wonderful crew of instructors, and this morning I was the guest on the weekly talk show Translators on Air. Hosts Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova broadcast their show live every week (!), and for this episode they sent me a question from one of their viewers, asking what to do if your freelance business stagnates. The audience submitted a lot of other really interesting questions and we covered a range of topics, including:

-What does stagnation mean? Not enough work? Enough work, but not enough money? Feeling sick of the job?
-What about feeling guilty if you’re not working every second of the day?
-How worried should all of us be about MT and the increasing number of freelancers entering the translation market?
-How can we cope with factors we can’t control in our business?
-How can we take action toward our business goals, instead of just thinking about them?
-What role does networking play in a freelance business?
-How can a complete beginner market to agencies?

You can watch the whole episode here (warning: I talk a lot and it’s an hour and a half long…what can I say, people asked great questions!). Thanks to Dmitry and Elena for inviting me!

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