Monthly Archive:: August 2018

Upcoming online courses: English to Spanish legal translation; Organization and productivity

I have two brand-new online courses coming up in September; after 12+ years of offering business skills courses for translators, I decided earlier this year to branch out into other areas. The inaugural course in that vein, French to English translation workshop–taught by Michele Hansen, Judy Lyons, Karen Tkaczyk and Tom West–sold out and received

How much marketing is enough?

When you’re actively looking for new clients, how much marketing is enough? I hear this question frequently, from beginning and experienced translators alike: beginners need more work, while experienced translators need better work. I’ll admit that I often give subjective answers, such as “Until you have as much work as you want,” or “Until you’re

How to ask clients for feedback

Working as a freelance translator means working in a bit of a vacuum. The upside: no pointy-haired boss! The downside: no on-location colleagues off whom to bounce ideas, and very little feedback on how you’re doing. If you work as an in-house translator, your work is probably reviewed by a senior translator or in-house reviser.