March Marketing Madness: it’s on!

I recently floated the idea of a March Marketing Madness challenge group, and it seems like there’s a need for this type of challenge and accountability group, so…it’s on! The group (no limit on the number of people) will run from March 4-29, and by joining, you’re committing to spend 30 minutes on business development for 20 consecutive business days. Each weekday, you’ll receive an e-mail from me with a marketing task, an explanation of how to complete the task, and information about how this task will benefit your business.

We’ll also do a weekly question and answer session (recorded, not live: the group is open to translators in all time zones), and you’ll have a choice of public/group accountability (optional Slack group), or private accountability (a tracking sheet that I’ll send you). The group is for translators who want to:

  • devote 30 minutes a day to business development for 20 consecutive business days
  • make marketing into a consistent and (hopefully!) less painful habit
  • generate new ideas about how to market more effectively
  • find new clients: agencies or direct clients
  • join a group of other translators pursuing similar goals

The cost is $75 and registration is open until 12 midnight NYC time on March 3. Important note: this is a challenge and accountability group, not a marketing instruction course, and it does not include individual feedback on your work. If you’re looking for marketing instruction or individual feedback, take a look at Getting started as a freelance translator (starts April 1) or Marketing to direct clients (starts July 8).

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