HSFT in Italian; June Time Crunch Challenge

Over the past several years, I’ve sold the translation rights to my book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, to freelancers working into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian. It’s always fun to see the book come out in new languages. Congratulations to English>Italian translators Chiara Rizzo and Barbara Ronca for the latest translation: Come diventare traduttori di successo, now available in electronic format.










Next, I’m excited to announce a new challenge group: the June Time Crunch Challenge. From June 3-June 28, German<>English translator and leadership/productivity coach Dorothee Racette will lead this group, modeled on my March Marketing Madness challenge group (which inspired feedback such as “This greatly increased my confidence in marketing and has been a turning point for me. My business will never be the same again!”). There will be daily challenge activities, motivational videos, and a Slack group to keep everyone accountable and motivated. Registration is $75 and there are various discounts available on the registration page. We’ve already got a good group signed up, with room for more!

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