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Happy Swiss National Day

Although the thought of a traditional bonfire isn’t particularly appealing when it’s supposed to be 98 degrees, Joyeux Premier Août to all the Swiss out there! As an honorary Swiss (being the wife, daughter-in-law and now mother of Swiss citizens!), one of the things I love about Switzerland is how old everything is, as when

A new header image

WordPress’ MistyLook theme makes it very easy to change your header image, here is a new one from iStock. This is called “Way to Everest,” by iStock member “weareadventurers.” It reminds me of one of my favorite places (Nepal) and also that sometimes, translation feels a little like climbing Everest!

A bestseller of sorts

Lulu, the print-on-demand service that I use to publish my book, is a fun place to visit. I like to think of it as Amazon’s slightly nutty cousin, the weird but cool one who eats the cranberry sauce right out of the bowl at Thanksgiving. Ever since I published my book in the summer of

This blog's banner photo

I’ve received several e-mails from people asking about the banner photo on this blog. I purchased it from iStockphoto, and the photographer is Hanoded Photography. Those of you who have traveled in the Himalaya will recognize this as a Buddhist Mani stone, bearing the inscription “Om mani padme hum,” often translated as “Hail to the

Announcing the launch of Adventure Translators

My good friend and excellent colleague Eve Bodeux has just launched a new boutique translation company catering to the specific needs of the outdoor and adventure sports industries, the aptly named Adventure Translators. I’m going to be working with her as Chief Translator; Eve has run a very successful localization company, Bodeux International for many