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Ensuring payment from direct clients

In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with a few freelancers who would like to work with direct clients but are afraid that they won’t get paid. One commented that she really enjoys working with agencies because of being able to check Payment Practices or a similar resource in order to determine the client’s creditworthiness.

Theories about direct clients

Recently, a reader posted this comment on my Wrapping up 2009 post: “I just wonder how one goes about getting direct clients. It seems ideal, but it also seems like a hurdle to get over, that many of us have not learned how to do.” I think that a lot of translators feel this way:

Keeping track of client preferences

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to avoid asking a client “How much did I say I was going to charge you?”, you need a client preferences file. The client preferences file (which could take the form of a spreadsheet, a text file, index cards, a notebook, just as long as you keep the records!)