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Wrapping up 2018

As the final week of 2018 dawns, it’s a good time to take stock of what went well and what could have gone better in your freelance life this year. I’ll suggest a few metrics that might help you assess how this year went, and then it’s time to set some goals for 2019. Most

Health insurance for US-based freelancers

Note: this post originally appeared as a newsletter to my mailing list, but I received so much feedback on it that I decided to publish it here as well. Thanks to all the readers who responded with your own stories about health insurance! Here in the US, it’s health insurance open enrollment time, which means

“I’m too old for this”: valid concern, or not?

I hear, with some regularity, from freelance translators–or aspiring freelancers–who worry that they’re “too old for this.” Depending on the individual, “this” might mean: Starting a freelance business in general Pursuing higher-level clients Pursuing a new specialization or niche (i.e. transitioning from translation to interpreting or vice versa) Adding something like a new language to