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Agencies and direct clients: not better or worse, just different

I spend a lot of time explaining the merits of agencies to translators who work with direct clients, and explaining the merits of direct clients to translators who work with agencies. So, I thought I’d offer my explanation to the whole translation blogosphere and solicit your thoughts! Here we go: Translation agencies are great, because:

Translation credentials: what are they and do you need them?

Here’s a very common question from my beginning translation students: “Do I need a…(Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, translation certificate, translator certification, etc.)” with corollaries such as “Am I better off getting a foreign language MA or a translation certificate?” “If I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree but I’m ATA-certified, is that OK?” and so on.

Keeping your freelance finances in order

Disclaimer: I’m not an accountant or an attorney; these are just some tips from my own experience and what works for me in my freelance business. Managing your freelance finances is a) time-consuming and b) absolutely critical to your survival as a freelancer. So, it’s worth taking some time to consider whether you’re optimally managing

Which language is "the best"?

I am often asked this question, in various forms: I want to become a translator/interpreter: which language should I study? Which language is the most in-demand for translation and interpreting? What is the best language for a translator or interpreter to know? The answer, like the answer to many freelance-related questions, is a resounding it

Why do some freelance translators fail?

I’m not a great “tough love” advice-dispenser, but I’m going to give it a try. I work with a lot of beginning translators in my online course (shameless self-promo: the next session starts on April 3 and there are four spots left!). When I follow up with students over the months and years after they

Upcoming session of Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

The next session of my online course, Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, starts on February 13. You can read the complete description or register for the course here. All of the course sessions for the past six months have filled up before the start date, so please register early if you’d like to join