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Let's not kill all the translators…

…because even heads of state still desperately need us! Thanks to English>French translator Nelia Fahloun for mentioning this on Twitter! Early this morning Paris time, French president François Hollande (himself a recent election winner) put pen to paper to congratulate Barack Obama on his re-election. Hollande’s letter, written in French, is warm and diplomatic. He

The best Mox yet

If you haven’t yet seen Alejandro Moreno-Ramos’ latest Mox cartoon on Obsessive-compulsive grammar disorder, do not miss it! Even funnier is Alejandro’s reply to the person who pointed out a spelling error in the cartoon. Last year, I wrote a post about my personal struggle with grammar and spelling perfectionism, and I think that nearly

Great translator vacation photo

Summer always brings great opportunities for travel, especially in our internationally-minded industry. And along with those travels come some great vacation photos from colleagues! Here (reprinted with Jiri’s permission) is one that made me laugh out loud: former ATA President Jiri Stejskal having trouble getting any work done during his vacation to the Czech Republic,

Links: video interview and code talker cartoon

Hello and happy 2010 to everyone out in the blogosphere! After some much-enjoyed vacation time spent skiing, cooking and relaxing, Thoughts on Translation is ready for another year of posts. To start things off: At the ATA conference in New York this fall, French>English audiovisual translator Alexander Totz did video interviews with Judy Jenner of

The elusive Mr. Driver's License

This one will probably make the rounds as fast as the Welsh roadsign/autoresponder, but today’s post on Language Log has a wonderful and humorous warning about the dangers of monolingualism. The BBC News reports that Irish police have been frantically hunting for one “Prawo Jazdy,” a Polish man who had, according to the police, accumulated

The trouble with auto-responders

In advance of the ATA conference and all of those e-mail auto-responders being turned on, Wendy Hoover of eLocale sent this link to the CTA list serve. The article, from the BBC’s website, tells the woeful tale of a road sign in Wales (“No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only”) for which the

The grass is always greener…

As translators, I think we often feel that we have toughest job in the document workflow; we don’t get to choose what to write, but we have to make the translation sound at least as good as the original and deal with issues like cultural connotations, idioms and untranslatable linguistic tricks. On the other hand,