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Resources for practicing French interpreting

As I mentioned on a recent Speaking of Translation podcast about goal-setting, one of my medium-term goals is to improve my French interpreting skills. Because…well…everyone needs one big, crazy dream, and this is mine. Back in the day (think 2002-2003ish), I did a small amount of interpreting work and really enjoyed it. However I let

How I passed the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination (FCICE)

This is a guest post by Judy Jenner. Judy is a federally certified Spanish court interpreter and a long-time German and Spanish translator specialized in legal, business, marketing, and e-commerce. She runs her boutique translation and interpreting business, Twin Translations, with her twin sister Dagy. They are the authors of the business book “The Entrepreneurial

Speaking of Interpreting: the recording is up!

If you missed yesterday’s Speaking of Translation conference call, “Speaking of Interpreting,” in which Eve Bodeux and I interviewed InterpretAmerica co-Presidents Katharine Allen and Barry Slaughter Olsen, we’ve posted a free recording for your listening pleasure. We asked Barry and Katharine to tell us about the current state of the interpreting profession, what’s ahead in

Coming up momentarily: Speaking of Interpreting

At 12 noon New York time today (Wednesday, March 12), Eve Bodeux and I will be interviewing InterpretAmerica co-Presidents Katharine Allen and Barry Slaughter Olsen on the topic “Speaking of Interpreting,” for our free Speaking of Translation call series. Katharine and Barry will fill us in on the current state of the interpreting profession, what’s

Using audio media to practice interpreting

Last year I wrote a post on the importance of Keeping up your source language skills in order to communicate more effectively with your clients. Recently, I found that I’m far from the only translator who fantasizes about doing some interpreting in addition to my regular translation work. If you’re a translator and you’d like