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On this pre-Thanksgiving Friday (and after Colorado’s first snowstorm of the season!), here are a few links to keep you busy if you’re taking time off next week: If you’re an interpreter, note that ATA’s Credentialed Interpreter designation is now open for business. This is *not* an interpreter certification program, but it allows interpreters certified

Links I like

As we wrap up the week, here are a few links I’d recommend! Don’t quit your job to chase your dreams until you’ve read this, an excellent post from ProBlogger. I agree with ProBlogger on this one: whenever I have students who say, “That’s it! I’m giving my two weeks notice and failure is not

Recommended reading and listening

If you’re looking for some interesting reading/listening, I recommend: Paula Arturo’s blog post on earning six figures as a Latin America-based translator. I *love* this post, and I think anyone who’s ever said, “I can’t make much money as a translator because…” should read it. Tess Whitty’s blog post on using LinkedIn to find translation

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I’ve been busy with back-to-back monster projects and am now in recovery mode, catching up on assignments for my online classes. So I’ll pass on a few links to other websites that you might enjoy: For Carolyn Yohn’s recommended summer reading series, I wrote a guest post on Hilary Mantel’s books “Wolf Hall” and “Bring

Some blog posts you should read!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Thoughts on Translation wordface, with the end of school, the start of summer and a couple of very large (and interesting!) projects. Since I’ve been short on time and creative energy, here are some blog posts that I highly recommend: Lisa Carter of Intralingo on

Some interesting links

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks, as I’ve been busy finalizing the manuscript for my new book (ready for sale tomorrow!) and attending an ATA Board meeting in Las Vegas. But here are some links to interesting sites for your coffee break pleasure!

Some coffee break links

First, check out the best article I’ve read on New Year’s goal-setting for freelancers: Walt Kania of The Freelancery on How to have a damn good year: advice from the renegade roundtable. Second, although I usually think of myself as too nerdy to “rock” anything, I’ve been selected as a person who rocks the translation

New blog for interpreters

I’ve often harped on the topic of unfilled blogging niches, and specifically on the lack of blogs for/by interpreters and for/by translation buyers and clients. So I was excited to see Tony Rosado’s new blog The Professional Interpreter, written in English and Spanish. Tony is a Mexican attorney, Federally certified court interpreter and well-known conference