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Coffee break links

Here are a couple of interesting links for your coffee break reading: Get Rich Slowly on How much house do you need?. As a small house dweller (we have our family of three and my office in an 1,150 square foot ranch with no plans to move or expand) and an envier of Tumbleweed Tiny

Translation makes the front page of the LA Times

Having recently joined the ATA Public Relations Committee, I was excited to receive an e-mail this morning about a story on the front page of today’s Los Angeles Times. “Demand grows for niche translators” profiles German to English waste management translator Abigail “Trash Girl” Dahlberg and features extensive quotes from ATA President Nicholas Hartmann and

Links: ATA social media presentation

At last week’s ATA conference, Eve Bodeux, Michael Wahlster and I co-presented “Web 2.0 Tools for Translation Industry Professionals”. Following are the links that Eve and I mentioned in our portions. You can find Michael’s links at Corinne’s links: Technorati, a blog search engine Google Reader, a browser-based feed reader Blogging on bilingualism Musings

OT: Iconic photos website

If you’re looking for some coffee break viewing, check out Iconic Photos, a website of “Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos” that run the gamut from haunting to hilarious. The background notes that go along with the photos are also really interesting. My husband found this site last night; I was working late and he was

Some coffee break links

Here in the U.S. it’s an honorary Monday, since most of us took yesterday off to celebrate Labor Day (by not laboring!). So, in the spirit of easing back into the work week, here are some (admittedly not translation-specific) links to enjoy on your coffee break: The U.K. Telegraph on 50 things that are being

Link: living on an irregular income

Get Rich Slowly has a great post on How to budget for an irregular income; it’s definitely worth a read on your coffee break. Two of J.D.’s tips that I particularly agree with are: Use separate business and personal accounts and pay yourself from the business account as if you were an employee. I started

Some interesting links

If you’re looking for some coffee break reading, you might want to check out: Paula Dieli’s new blog Essential Project Management. Paula just launched this blog, and as far as I know it’s the only one devoted to translation/localization project management. Get Rich Slowly on The high cost of laziness, which reminded me why it’s

Links: for your reading pleasure

If the summer weather has you looking for some inspiration, here are some recent blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading. These are in no particular order: Escape from Cubicle Nation (don’t you love the title?) Get Rich Slowly linked to this blog, which has some excellent tips on entrepreneurial topics. Check out the “open source coaching”

Links: two excellent marketing posts

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading, I highly recommend: Riccardo Schiaffino’s post over at About Translation, on last weekend’s Colorado Translators Association marketing seminar. We had some weather-related drama associated with this event (a foot of wet snow in mid-April!) but fortunately it went off very well and we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thanks