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Link: Sales Caffeine

I’ve been incommunicada for a few days due to the Colorado Translators Association‘s marketing seminar which we held over the weekend. Judy Jenner of Twin Translations did a fantastic job as the featured presenter, and we had a really interesting panel in the afternoon with people from various sectors of the industry: Adam Asnes of

A new blog on bilingualism

This isn’t specifically translation-related, but given that many translators live in bilingual households, I think it’s not OT either. My colleague and friend Eve Bodeux recently launched a new blog, appropriately titled Blogging on Bilingualism, with articles and resources of interest to bilingual families or really anyone interested in bilingualism. As Eve’s “About” page says

New and interesting on the web

If you’re looking for some interesting reading, here are a few suggestions: Masked Translator on the Spellchecker Conundrum and whether you should use the spellchecker to correct words that you routinely mistype. I was especially intrigued by Ryan Ginstrom’s suggestion to create a macro of your most common errors and run it on every document.

The hash mark in Twitter

I haven’t yet started using Twitter, but I have a number of Facebook friends who feed their Tweets to their Facebook status updates (is that enough Web 2.0 references in one sentence?), and I’ve wondered about the meaning of the hash mark (#) that people include in their Tweets. For example “I was talking on

Because I don't talk enough as it is…

I was recently interviewed for two posts on fellow bloggers’ websites; I’m sharing these links not for self-promotional purposes, but in case any readers have an interest in the topics that the interviews cover: The home-based work gurus over at Rat Race Rebellion (Don’t you love that name? Their main site is here)  interviewed me

New and interesting on the web

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading today, you might want to click on over to: Masked Translator’s post Freaking out about the economy, which made me laugh out loud and is a nice complement to Get Rich Slowly’s The national economy versus your personal economy. These posts both drive home an important point (backed

A great blog about

If you use, click on over to Solveig Haugland’s blog Training, Tips and Ideas. She’s the author of the 2.0 guidebook and her blog is full of tutorials on OO.o’s features. I use OO.o almost exclusively and really enjoy it, but some features that I used to find pretty intuitive in MS

Speaking of Translation: a new podcast

A few months ago, my colleague and friend Eve Bodeux (of Adventure Translators and Bodeux International) had the idea to start a podcast focusing on translation and the translation industry. Eve asked me to co-host the podcast with her, and we’re excited to present the first episode of Speaking of Translation, which may be the