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What about TM discounts?

During the recent discussion on volume discounts, a number of readers brought up the (very valid) issue of translation memory discounts. I feel a can of worms about to open here, but I’ll inject some of my thoughts on TM discounts. First caveat: I am neither a huge fan of nor a heavy user of

Some thoughts on volume discounts

I get lots of questions from beginning and experienced translators about volume discounts (charging a lower per-word or hourly rate for larger projects). I actually think that after “how much should I charge?”, “should I offer a volume discount” might be the second most frequently-asked question that I see. Here are a few thoughts, and

Neat product: Moo mini-cards

We all know that one of the primary rules of freelance marketing is “always have business cards with you.” However, this can be harder than it sounds: first, you have to have a good location for the cards. The positive impression you’re trying to create is definitely ruined if you have to rummage through your

Happy 2011: Are bad habits a form of self-protection?

Happy 2011 to everyone out there in the translation blogosphere! To start the year off, here’s a very interesting interview I came across: sports writer Bill Simmons interviewing New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell. Both Simmons and Gladwell draw some interesting parallels between sports and the rest of life, but my favorite is Gladwell’s take on

Issue #2 of the ATA Compass

Issue #2 of ATA’s new publication for translation buyers and consumers, the ATA Compass, is online now. It’s entitled “First, Do No Harm: The Myths of Healthcare Interpreting” and features interviews with Dr. James Rohack, the Immediate Past President of the American Medical Association, and Doug Green of the Texas Association of Healthcare Interpreters and