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ATA conference topic: low payers

Amazingly enough in this economy, my sense from the ATA conference is that most freelancers are very happy with their work volume and income levels. Especially as compared with the gloom and doom of the US economy (maybe even the world economy?), I think we’re doing quite well. 2011 has brought me as much work

What about TM discounts?

During the recent discussion on volume discounts, a number of readers brought up the (very valid) issue of translation memory discounts. I feel a can of worms about to open here, but I’ll inject some of my thoughts on TM discounts. First caveat: I am neither a huge fan of nor a heavy user of

Some thoughts on volume discounts

I get lots of questions from beginning and experienced translators about volume discounts (charging a lower per-word or hourly rate for larger projects). I actually think that after “how much should I charge?”, “should I offer a volume discount” might be the second most frequently-asked question that I see. Here are a few thoughts, and

How much do freelance translators earn? Is it enough?

Beginning freelance translators often want to know (understandably) how much they can expect to earn in our industry. Experienced freelance translators often want to know (understandably) whether they are earning enough for the effort they put into their businesses. So, what do freelance translators earn? The American Translators Association does a compensation survey every few

Thoughts on 2011

If you’re a freelancer, it’s time to start thinking about your business-related tasks for wrapping up 2010 and starting 2011 on a positive note. A few thoughts: Are you going to raise your rates? If so, think about how to raise them effectively. Are you going to raise your rates for new clients and keep

Providing your own benefits

Today’s Get Rich Slowly post on saving money on insurance got me thinking about benefits in general. This is one of the most common questions I hear from beginning or aspiring freelancers: how to handle health insurance/retirement planning/disability insurance, and so on. Here’s an overview of the freelance benefits I’ve researched and used; obviously the