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Ensuring payment from direct clients

In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with a few freelancers who would like to work with direct clients but are afraid that they won’t get paid. One commented that she really enjoys working with agencies because of being able to check Payment Practices or a similar resource in order to determine the client’s creditworthiness.

Potential clients and sticker shock

Wiktionary defines sticker shock as “Disgust, shock or fright upon learning the price of an item offered for sale,” and this roughly describes the reaction of many would-be translation buyers when they learn the price of a professional translation. This leaves the professional translator with a dilemma: how to handle a sticker-shocked client. In my

Where do you keep your money?

One of my business goals for this year (because the new year should really start with the school year, don’t you think?) is to do better with managing my business finances. I already pay myself a regular salary but there are definitely areas for improvement. Specifically, I feel like I’m drowning in bank accounts, but

Link: living on an irregular income

Get Rich Slowly has a great post on How to budget for an irregular income; it’s definitely worth a read on your coffee break. Two of J.D.’s tips that I particularly agree with are: Use separate business and personal accounts and pay yourself from the business account as if you were an employee. I started

Diversifying your income stream

With the economy not really knowing what it’s doing this year, it’s a good time to look at your income stream: what’s up, what’s down, and how can you do more of the work that’s up? In my case, my work from U.S.-based agencies is markedly down, work from European clients (both direct clients and

Lowering your translation rates, continued

There were so many excellent comments on my last post about translation rates that I think the topic deserves another post. First, thank you to everyone who commented; I think that your insights are more valuable than what I originally wrote, because they represent the viewpoints of people in all different language combinations, geographic areas,