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Diversifying your income stream

With the economy not really knowing what it’s doing this year, it’s a good time to look at your income stream: what’s up, what’s down, and how can you do more of the work that’s up? In my case, my work from U.S.-based agencies is markedly down, work from European clients (both direct clients and

Lowering your translation rates, continued

There were so many excellent comments on my last post about translation rates that I think the topic deserves another post. First, thank you to everyone who commented; I think that your insights are more valuable than what I originally wrote, because they represent the viewpoints of people in all different language combinations, geographic areas,

Secrets of six-figure translators

…with credit to Barbara Stanny, the author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women (which would be a good topic for a post too!) Lately (and this impression was solidified at the recent ATA conference), I’ve noticed a very positive trend in our industry, that of the freelance translator earning over US $100,000 per year. Right now,

Choosing a pricing currency

For translators who work with clients outside their home base countries, choosing a pricing currency can be an important business issue. For the past year or so, pricing in euros (or if you’re European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, pricing in “euro”) has seemed attractive for those of us based in the U.S. When the

Some thoughts on financial solvency

Beth Hayden’s blog on blogging recently led me to a fantastic blog on personal finance, Get Rich Slowly (isn’t that a great title?). Although this blog is obviously not related to translation or even specifically to self-employment, it’s loaded with great advice for people in all types of financial situations; and of course, a big