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Michelle Rafter’s guest post for The Urban Muse, on being a freelancer and being a mom. Michelle is a writer, but her advice applies to translators too! Gabe Bokor’s post about Entering the Translation Market. Gabe is a seasoned translator and agency owner, and he offers some very insightful tips. Keyboard shortcuts in Go

An interesting post on "end of day"

Jill Sommer’s blog “Musings from an overworked translator” has a great post on the definition of “end of day.” This is a subject that’s a frequent subject of jokes between myself and a friend of mine, who is also a freelance translator and also has a young family, since our “end of day” is often

An interesting new translation blog

Translator and translation agency owner Glenn Cain recently started a blog on his Yndigo translations site. It’s a great read and covers topics ranging from the use of sic to translator certification to how to select an interpreter. Give it a look, especially if you’re inside on a snowy day like the one we’re having

A new header image

WordPress’ MistyLook theme makes it very easy to change your header image, here is a new one from iStock. This is called “Way to Everest,” by iStock member “weareadventurers.” It reminds me of one of my favorite places (Nepal) and also that sometimes, translation feels a little like climbing Everest!