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Off-topic: baking your own Swiss walnut bread

Ever since my family returned from our summer in Switzerland, I’ve been meaning to try some Swiss baking techniques. Swiss baked items are often simple but delicious, relying on excellent ingredients rather than complicated techniques. Almost every bakery in French-speaking Switzerland seems to make a version of this bread: a whole wheat loaf with lots

Where I've been…

I’m easing back into reality today after a glorious vacation; my translation partner and friend Eve Bodeux and I took our families on a 100 mile mountain bike camping trip through Canyonlands National Park last week. The seven of us (Eve, myself, husbands and three kids under ten years old) biked the legendary White Rim

Off-topic: travel A-Z

To reward myself for finishing part of my taxes, here’s a spinoff of Jill Sommer’s post on the ABCs of traveling; a great Internet meme for language geeks! I agree with Jill that just assembling this list brought back some fabulous memories, and just for fun, it also prompted me to tally all of the

Off-topic: a few Costa Rica pictures

School is already out for winter break here in Colorado, and my brain is slowly winding down for the year! So, at the request of a few readers, I thought I’d post some pictures of my recent trip to Costa Rica. As with my post about llama trekking and sugar skulls, the only larger point

Off-topic: Don't forget to play!

This post is not intended to draw any large or important lessons about the world of freelancing, other than the fact that most freelance translators need to have more fun. Here in Colorado, one of our ubiquitous slogans is Don’t forget to play!, a reference to the fact that the Colorado Lottery is the primary

OT: Iconic photos website

If you’re looking for some coffee break viewing, check out Iconic Photos, a website of “Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos” that run the gamut from haunting to hilarious. The background notes that go along with the photos are also really interesting. My husband found this site last night; I was working late and he was

OT: Freelance frugality

I’m not normally one to talk about personal topics on my blog, but a few people e-mailed me about my last post, asking how the Thoughts on Translation household lives so cheaply. Given that financial management is an important part of making it as a freelancer, I thought that this question merited an OT post.