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A change of heart about Trados

For as long as I’ve been using translation memory tools (about 9 years), I’ve been using Wordfast and OmegaT. In general I’ve been happy with both of these tools; I love open source software in general so OmegaT has always had a special place in my heart, and I’ve always enjoyed Wordfast’s ergonomic features, excellent

My favorite mistake

No, not the Sheryl Crow song, the Newsweek/Daily Beast Column. Maybe I just love reading about other people’s mistakes, but the last-page “My Favorite Mistake” essay is my favorite part of the redesigned Newsweek. Written by famous people of various flavors, these columns just reinforce the fact that whether it’s Madeleine Albright wearing her “three

5 things to do before 2012

Hello readers! Thoughts on Translation is back from an incredible two weeks in Costa Rica: we visited Corcovado National Park and the Arenal volcano area and it was truly amazing. I highly recommend Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp and the Sirena ranger station for a truly off-the-beaten-track experience. Think wild tapirs wandering down the beach and

The ten essentials of freelance translation

There’s something about the number 10. Not just the connotation of “perfect 10,” but the number has an undeniable appeal. This year’s American Translators Association Translation Company Division conference was focused on the number 10 (10 sessions that each featured 10 tips on a certain topic), and people really seemed to enjoy the manageable scale

Vacation recovery: library arrest

The Thoughts on Translation household recently returned from a great vacation; a 337 mile bike ride across our home state of Colorado, finishing with a camping trip in Dinosaur National Monument. This vacation was 100% unplugged (a concept that I wrote about last summer): no Internet or cell phone access for 10 whole days! The