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Translation credentials: what are they and do you need them?

Here’s a very common question from my beginning translation students: “Do I need a…(Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, translation certificate, translator certification, etc.)” with corollaries such as “Am I better off getting a foreign language MA or a translation certificate?” “If I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree but I’m ATA-certified, is that OK?” and so on.

Obtaining your Certified Translator seal

At the beginning of August, Portuguese translator/interpreter Cris Silva wrote about her newly-obtained ATA-certified translator seal. This is an exciting development for all of us CTs (as ATA-certified translators can now call themselves!): a great addition to a certified translator’s marketing materials and official document translations. Call me technologically disabled, but I had a hard

Webinar question: Preparing for the ATA certification exam

This is post #3 in my ongoing series of questions from the webinar on “Getting started as a freelance translator” that I presented for the American Translators Association earlier this month. A participant asks: How can I prepare for the ATA certification exam? Short answer: Order a practice test from ATA; at $50 (including return