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My favorite mistake

No, not the Sheryl Crow song, the Newsweek/Daily Beast Column. Maybe I just love reading about other people’s mistakes, but the last-page “My Favorite Mistake” essay is my favorite part of the redesigned Newsweek. Written by famous people of various flavors, these columns just reinforce the fact that whether it’s Madeleine Albright wearing her “three

Getting Started as a Freelance Translator: quick-start session

Just a quick announcement: From December 1-22, I’ll be offering a special four-week session of my online course Getting Started as a Freelance Translator. I’ve been teaching this class since 2005 and it has helped over 200 translators launch or grow their freelance businesses. This new and shorter session is for beginning freelancers who want

Upcoming ATA conference

The 52nd annual conference of the American Translators Association is fast approaching (preconference seminar day is this Wednesday, October 26) and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of colleagues and great presentations in Boston! This year I’m involved with three sessions: IC-3, Working Successfully with a Translation Partner from 10:00-11:00 AM on Friday. Eve Bodeux

Tips for first-time ATA conference attendees

Although I just posted a bunch of links yesterday, these are too good not to share! German to English translator Jill Sommer has presented the first-time attendees’ orientation at the ATA conference for many years, and she restyled that presentation into a webinar. It covers topics such as how to prepare for the conference, how