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A change of heart about Trados

For as long as I’ve been using translation memory tools (about 9 years), I’ve been using Wordfast and OmegaT. In general I’ve been happy with both of these tools; I love open source software in general so OmegaT has always had a special place in my heart, and I’ve always enjoyed Wordfast’s ergonomic features, excellent

Recording of Jost Zetzsche interview is online!

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing translation technology guru Jost Zetzsche during a question and answer conference call. If you missed the live call, you can listen to the recording on the Speaking of Translation website (it streams from the conference call provider, so you don’t need to download anything unless you

What's next for Skype?

Out in the Twittersphere, reaction to Microsoft’s purchase of Skype (what else do you do when you have $8.5 billion burning a hole in your pocket? Buy Skype!) seemed divided between a few points of view: Microsoft bought Skype so that Google or Facebook couldn’t buy it This could be good: Skype is a great