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Thoughts on Translation is back from vacation (Costa Rica was amazing, thanks for asking!) and ready to attack some new projects. Summer always seems to be a challenging work time; I’m in and out of the office a lot doing fun things with the family and we also travel for several weeks, so I’m usually

Running Wordfast Pro on Linux

Like many other open source software-using translators, I was really excited when Wordfast announced that it was releasing a platform-independent translation environment tool, Wordfast Pro. OmegaT is my tool of choice, but when a client wants Trados-style uncleaned files, I often find it easier to work in Wordfast than to create the uncleaned files from

Resources for free and open source software users

As I’ve mentioned before, I run my translation business using free and open source software almost exclusively. I say “almost” because I have in the past run Microsoft Office and Wordfast using CrossOver Linux, a tool that allows you to run Windows software on Linux without a Windows license. In addition, although my primary computer

Link: a great post on e-mail security issues

I apologize for all of these nubbins; there’s just too much going on on the web today! If you have any interest in computer security issues, make sure to read Michael Wahlster’s post Secrets on a Postcard, in which he argues (quite persuasively!) that sending confidential documents by standard (unsecure) e-mail is a major security

A great blog about

If you use, click on over to Solveig Haugland’s blog Training, Tips and Ideas. She’s the author of the 2.0 guidebook and her blog is full of tutorials on OO.o’s features. I use OO.o almost exclusively and really enjoy it, but some features that I used to find pretty intuitive in MS

Online tutorials for

Last night I was at a Colorado Translators Association event at which the presenter (the ever-popular editing consultant Alice Levine), mentioned an online tutorial for the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. This made me realize that there must be similar websites for Here are a few that I’ve found: A really comprehensive resource