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Skype wish list

Skype is a fantastic tool, especially for those of us who remember the days of $100+ phone bills for calls to other countries. I like to keep Skype running while I’m working, so that if I want to ask a colleague a quick question, I can easily see if the person is online and send

Translator, unplugged

Credit for the new header image: “Cambodian Sanskrit in the temples of Angkor” by iStock member Yangshuo. Michelle Rafter has a great post this morning called Time Out, on the merits of unplugging from your computer. In the post, Michelle references another blog post from a writer who takes a “technology sabbath” from Friday evening

Tracking your freelance income

After reading Jill Sommer’s post on job tracking systems for freelancers (for what it’s worth, I used to use a white board, then I switched to post-it notes, now I use a paper planner, but I agree that some sort of system is imperative), I thought I would write something about income tracking systems. As

And just one more tip…

During Jamie Lucero’s computer seminar that I mentioned below, he gave a small but incredibly useful tip that very few of us had ever seen. In Microsoft Word, highlight some text and then press Shift+F3. The text will toggle between CAPS, no caps and Initial Caps. This prompted such a “wow” from the audience that

Dealing with tags in OmegaT

I’m still very, very happy with my recent switch from Heartsome to OmegaT, but one thing I’m still mastering in OmegaT is the use of tags in formatted documents. Tags in OmegaT aren’t a big issue if your translation work consists of documents that don’t have much formatting, or in which the formatting isn’t very

Treadmill desk update

I will go back to writing translation-specific posts, but here’s an update on the treadmill desk based on my (admittedly still limited!) experiences this week. So far I still really like it, the adjustment has actually been much easier than I thought. I had planned to start by using it a few hours at a