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International Translation Day seems like an auspicious time for new translation-related ventures; here are a few to check out: Congratulations to Chris Durban on the launch of her book The Prosperous Translator: Advice from Fire Ant & Worker Bee. If, like me, you eagerly await Chris and Eugene Seidel’s monthly advice column “The Bottom Line”

Happy International Translation Day 2010

Here it is September 30 again, and time for another celebration of International Translation Day! FIT‘s theme for this year is “Translation Quality for a Variety of Voices” and their press release focuses on the critical role that translators and interpreters play in preserving multilingualism in the world. In a case of professional synchronicity it’s

The ATA Compass is launched!

While Thoughts on Translation is enjoying some time off this August, the translation industry is still booming with news! I’m especially excited to announce that the inaugural issue of ATA’s new client outreach publication, the ATA Compass, is now available here. The Compass is a periodic publication for people who buy language services, and I’m

Some industry tidbits

Congratulations to the hardworking ATA members who have successfully launched the ATA Science and Technology Division. This division isn’t language specific, it’s open to translators in any language combination who translate science and technology materials. The new division is under the leadership of Acting Administrator Karen Tkaczyk and Acting Assistant Administrator Steven Marzuola. Back in

Hot off the press…

Two pieces of breaking news from the translation trenches: Judy and Dagmar Jenner’s book The Entrepreneurial Linguist is now available for purchase. Judy is not only a very successful freelance translator but also has an MBA in marketing, and this book offers “the business school approach to freelance translation.” Many of us in the industry

A positive and a negative

Happy Monday! To start the week off, here’s some positive and negative news from the language world: Positive: I was just listening to NPR‘s Talk of the Nation while eating lunch, and today’s segment featured an interview with NPR’s longtime (and now retiring) war correspondent, Anne Garrels. Garrels started her career reporting in the former