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Treadmill desk makeover

After a number of months of using a treadmill desk, I’ve decided it’s a keeper. There are definitely some things (namely proofreading) that I can’t do while on it, and I generally alternate between walking for an hour and sitting for an hour during the day. Still, I find the treadmill desk to be ergonomically

Treadmill desks hit prime time

The treadmill desk seems to be getting a lot of media time lately, and none other than the New York Times featured an article on treadmill desks (entitled “I Put In 5 Miles at the Office”) in its “Well” column. I’ve been using a treadmill desk for about four months, and I think that the

Treadmill desk update

I will go back to writing translation-specific posts, but here’s an update on the treadmill desk based on my (admittedly still limited!) experiences this week. So far I still really like it, the adjustment has actually been much easier than I thought. I had planned to start by using it a few hours at a