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Little tip: CIA World Factbook

A small tip here, but a really helpful one (for me, at least!). If you’re translating documents that include country names, city names, adjectives for residents of a certain country, etc., the CIA World Factbook is a great resource. It’s produced by the US Central Intelligence Agency, and includes data on “on every country, dependency,

Back at the wordface

As has become my family’s summer tradition, we headed off on a bike trip for the month of July. Last year’s trip took us from Lake Geneva to Salzburg; this year we started in our very own driveway and wound our way through the Colorado mountains for three weeks, visiting Aspen, Crested Butte and Telluride,

For when you're tired of reading…

I just updated the Speaking of Translation recordings page with a new recording: French to English orthopedics translator Joanne Archambault’s interview on finding direct clients through translation industry conferences. It’s the same recording that I ran in this post on my blog, just in a different location. But while you’re over there, you can also