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ATA56 wrapup video

It will take me a few days to recover from the ATA conference and catch up on backlogged e-mail, but in the meantime, here’s the wrapup video from our videographer Derek Platts. The conference was a great success on all fronts: we had 1,622 attendees from 52 countries (we had expected about 1,500 attendees, so

Video: using the carrot, the stick or the temptation bundle to reach your freelance goals

If you have the drive and discipline to launch your freelance business, you have the drive and discipline to improve your freelance business, but we all struggle to force ourselves to work on those improvements incrementally (or at least I do!). In this video I talk about three approaches you might try: the carrot, the

Video: translating for individual clients

I do a pretty brisk business translating for individual clients (anything from birth certificates through self-published books). It’s a niche that many agencies and freelancers avoid, so it can be a good niche to address if you’re interested. In this six-minute video, I give you some thoughts on what’s appealing about the individual-client market and