Ask Me Anything call recording

If you missed Wednesday’s inaugural Ask Me Anything call, here’s the recording: That link will allow you to stream or download the recording. Topics covered include: -Minimum charges and when to apply them -How much I earn per year, and how to break into six-figure income (as the person who submitted this question commented,

Free Q&A call: May 11

Just for fun, I’m offering an AMA (Ask Me Anything) conference call this coming Wednesday, May 11, at 10:00 AM New York (US Eastern) time. You can use World Time Clock or a similar site to convert that to your own time zone. The call is free other than your own phone charges, and I

Speaking of Translation: book launch!

Eve Bodeux and I just released a new episode of Speaking of Translation (our occasional podcast on the language industry), focusing on our newly-published books. The photo is from a book signing we did this weekend with our good friend Tess Whitty, which our other good friend Riccardo Schiaffino wrote up for his blog, About