On hiatus

Thoughts on Translation is on summer hiatus until August. Feel free to browse the archives, or check out the lineup of online classes that I’ll be running later this summer and in the fall. Happy summer break to everyone!

How to fire a client

Numerous students have asked me: “I motivate myself to work on marketing by looking at my bottom-rung client, and thinking that I wouldn’t have to work for them anymore if I brought in a better client to replace them. But once that happens, how do I actually fire the bottom-rung client?” Definitely worth discussing, so

Ask Me Anything call recording

If you missed Wednesday’s inaugural Ask Me Anything call, here’s the recording: http://bit.ly/1TA5vy6 That link will allow you to stream or download the recording. Topics covered include: -Minimum charges and when to apply them -How much I earn per year, and how to break into six-figure income (as the person who submitted this question commented,