Quick take: Learning a language with Duolingo

Since many translators are compulsive language learners–in addition to our working languages, it seems that we’re always trying to learn new ones–I thought I’d give a brief overview of my experience studying Italian with Duolingo, a free online language-learning site. If other readers have used Duolingo, I’d be interested in hearing your impressions! The basics:

New podcast: the basics of direct client marketing

In this episode of Speaking of Translation, Eve and Corinne discuss the basics of marketing your freelance translation services to direct clients. We offer tips on deciding who to market to, beginner-friendly direct client marketing techniques, and what factors to consider before you start marketing to direct clients. Links mentioned in this episode: Eve’s book:

“I’m too old for this”: valid concern, or not?

I hear, with some regularity, from freelance translators–or aspiring freelancers–who worry that they’re “too old for this.” Depending on the individual, “this” might mean: Starting a freelance business in general Pursuing higher-level clients Pursuing a new specialization or niche (i.e. transitioning from translation to interpreting or vice versa) Adding something like a new language to

New book: Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies

One of my behind-the-scenes projects for this year is a series of narrow-topic books for freelance translators. The first one, Finding and Marketing to Translation Agencies, is freshly pressed and available in print, Kindle, and PDF format. I think that many translators feel torn between two realities: agencies are the backbone of many translators’ businesses,