Inserting accented characters in is a fantastic office suite for most translators. It’s free, it’s stable, it’s localized into many languages that the proprietary companies will never touch …there’s a lot to love. For a long time, the only feature of OO.o that I’ve found problematic (other than the fact that its macros are not compatible with Microsoft

Happy Swiss National Day

Although the thought of a traditional bonfire isn’t particularly appealing when it’s supposed to be 98 degrees, Joyeux Premier Août to all the Swiss out there! As an honorary Swiss (being the wife, daughter-in-law and now mother of Swiss citizens!), one of the things I love about Switzerland is how old everything is, as when

Think like the clients you wish you had

Amybeth Hale, a Sourcing Strategist (one of those jobs your high school guidance counselor didn’t know existed!) who writes the blog Research Goddess, offers some excellent advice in her post Where do I go to find people?. We translators could replace “people” with “clients” and her advice is directly applicable to our businesses. Amybeth comments

Finding the time

Time management is an aspect of freelancing that many people struggle with. In one sense, a freelancer’s time belongs to her or him, which is a beautiful thing. Rather than the métro, boulot, dodo (an expression too expressive to be translated!) life of the office worker, a freelancer can make the 10-step commute from the

Wordfast: seeing other platforms

Today I attended the ATA Translation Company Division conference in Denver. Despite the fact that I’m not a translation company, this conference has been well worth attending due to the quality of the presenters and the opportunity to get some perspectives on the industry from the agency viewpoint. Wordfast is one of the exhibitors at

Is Wordfast divorcing Microsoft Word?

During a recent visit to the website of Wordfast, I noticed that Wordfast 6.0 (“Coming Soon!”) promises to be a “Standalone, platform independent translation environment.” There are a few things that pique one’s curiosity here. 1) “Standalone”: does this mean no more having to use Wordfast from within MS Word? 2) “Platform independent”= as in,