Translator, unplugged

Credit for the new header image: “Cambodian Sanskrit in the temples of Angkor” by iStock member Yangshuo. Michelle Rafter has a great post this morning called Time Out, on the merits of unplugging from your computer. In the post, Michelle references another blog post from a writer who takes a “technology sabbath” from Friday evening

Check out…

Michelle Rafter’s guest post for The Urban Muse, on being a freelancer and being a mom. Michelle is a writer, but her advice applies to translators too! Gabe Bokor’s post about Entering the Translation Market. Gabe is a seasoned translator and agency owner, and he offers some very insightful tips. Keyboard shortcuts in Go

Colo rats d'eau? Allons-y!

Yesterday, ever-observant EN>FR translator Marianne Reiner sent me a link to an article about my hometown, Boulder CO, in the online French publication Courrier International. In addition to being just plain amusing (I think I’ll start referring to Boulder as “a mini-Copenhagen with a view” as the author does!), this article struck me as illustrative

And just one more tip…

During Jamie Lucero’s computer seminar that I mentioned below, he gave a small but incredibly useful tip that very few of us had ever seen. In Microsoft Word, highlight some text and then press Shift+F3. The text will toggle between CAPS, no caps and Initial Caps. This prompted such a “wow” from the audience that

Some interesting tools

This weekend, the Colorado Translators Association brought FR>EN translator and translation tools expert Jamie Lucero out from Seattle to present his workshop “Computer Tools and Methods for Great Translation Performance.” It was definitely a day well spent, and I’ve already started applying a few of the tips that Jamie offered. He also clued us in

New in the translation blogosphere

If you’re looking for some educational and enjoyable reading, have a look at German to English translator Jill Sommer’s newly hatched blog Musings from an overworked translator (don’t you love the title?). Her first post is on “The ebb and flow of the translation industry,” something I think all of us can empathize with!