Tips for finishing things

When author Anne Lamott’s father told her to “make a commitment to finishing things” if she wanted be successful as a writer, he gave her a great piece of advice. It really is the unfinished things in life that drive you crazy. And if you’re like me, you always finish things when they’re for clients.

How to become an agency’s favo(u)rite translator

This is a guest post by Tom Robinson, digital marketing and communications executive at translate plus, a Global Top 50 language services provider by revenue, offering a full range of services, including translation, website localisation, multilingual SEO, interpreting, desktop publishing, transcription and voiceover, in over 200 languages. All this is complemented by cutting-edge language technology,

Do translators need portfolios?

Lots of translators (beginning and experienced) wonder if it’s a good idea to create a portfolio. Something with excerpts of your translations that you can show to potential clients as a marketing tool. My take: a portfolio probably isn’t worthwhile in the way that most translators envision it, but could be helpful in other ways.

How I passed the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination (FCICE)

This is a guest post by Judy Jenner. Judy is a federally certified Spanish court interpreter and a long-time German and Spanish translator specialized in legal, business, marketing, and e-commerce. She runs her boutique translation and interpreting business, Twin Translations, with her twin sister Dagy. They are the authors of the business book “The Entrepreneurial

Free webinar Wednesday: Three ways to find your first translation clients

This Wednesday (April 12), I’ll be giving a free webinar through SDL’s professional development series, on Three ways to find your first translation clients. Inspired by my blog post on the same topic, I’ll describe how to: work the local market apply to translation agencies that base their hiring only on their own tests cultivate

Thoughts on e-mail subject lines

E-mail subject lines are just a few words, but they generate a lot of angst. Especially if you’re a beginning translator looking for clients, you’re going to be sending out a lot of cold e-mails. You want those e-mails to be read, but you’re selling language services, not no-prescription Viagra. Let’s start with the basics: