June Time Crunch challenge group


Up your organizing and productivity game by working on a 30-minute business productivity and organization task for 20 consecutive days. From bringing your apps under control to cutting down on clutter, this fun and interactive session will help you work more effectively and share best practices with other translators.

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Instructor: Dorothee Racette, CT. Dorothee has lived and worked on four continents, including in Argentina, Germany and Tanzania. She has been a freelance translator in the German< >English language pair since the early 1990s and works predominantly with medical and scientific texts. Building her freelance business while raising three children (they survived!) helped her learn crucial lessons in effectiveness and time management.

Dorothee served in leadership roles within the American Translators Association for 17 years, including as ATA President from 2011 to 2013. Her focus during those years was on business education for freelance linguists. After stepping down from executive office, Dorothee launched her own productivity consulting firm, Take Back My Day, in 2014 and completed intensive training as a coach to help small business owners and organizations improve their creativity and workflow. She now divides her time between translating, public speaking and coaching. Her clients have called her a “business catalyst” and “an empowering force.”

Dorothee has published numerous articles on work organization and time management. Her blog can be found at TakeBackMyDay.com

Next session: June 3-28, 2019

Cost: $75. Participants can use ONE of the following coupon codes:

  • JTCALUM: $15 off, for past participants in any of Corinne McKay’s online courses
  • JTCNEW: $10 off, for new participants (never taken one of Corinne McKay’s online courses)
  • JTCATA: $15 off, for members of the American Translators Association

Description: The June Time Crunch challenge and accountability group is for freelancers who want to:

  • devote 30 minutes a day to business productivity and organization for 20 consecutive business days
  • work more effectively to consistently make better use of available time
  • get some long-term goals off the back burner and onto the action list
  • join a group of “accountability partners” and share experiences with other translators who have similar challenges and goals

As a participant of this challenge and accountability group, you will receive daily e-mails with a specific 30-minute productivity task during the month of June. We all have great ideas and plenty of motivation to get more done, but the challenge is to stay focused. Here is your chance! The June Time Crunch challenge will help you find solutions for those ideas you’ve been postponing and discover ways to procrastinate less while accomplishing more. This group is open to translators in any language combination.

Important note: this is a challenge and accountability group, not a marketing instruction course, and does not include individual feedback on all of your work. If you’re looking for individual time management coaching, contact Dorothee at dorothee@takebackmyday.com.

Registration includes:
-20 daily e-mails (one per weekday between June 3 and June 28) with a specific task associated with organizing and goal setting. Each e-mail will include detailed instructions on how to complete the task and how it benefits your productivity as a freelancer

-One weekly question and answer session (recorded, not live; the group is open to translators in any time zone)

-Group accountability and discussion (optional Slack group) or private accountability (a tracking sheet you’ll receive by e-mail)


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