March Marketing Madness challenge group


March Marketing Madness: bring consistent marketing into your daily routine by completing a 30-minute business development task for 20 consecutive business days.

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Instructor: Corinne McKay, CT. Corinne is a freelance French to English translator in Boulder, Colorado, and has been certified by the American Translators Association since 2002. She translates primarily in the areas of international development, corporate communications/content marketing, and non-fiction books. She currently (2017-2019) serves as President of the American Translators Association. In addition to her own translation work, Corinne has written books and taught classes for other freelance translators since 2006. She is the author of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, a how-to guide with over 12,000 copies in print; her blog Thoughts on Translation, won the ProZ Community Choice award for best blog about translation in 2016 and 2018.

Next session: The March 2019 session of this group is closed for registration; please e-mail me at if you’d like to be on the wait list for a future group.

Description: The March Marketing Madness challenge and accountability group is for freelancers who want to:

  • devote 30 minutes a day to business development for 20 consecutive business days
  • make marketing into a consistent and (hopefully!) less painful habit
  • generate new ideas about how to market more effectively
  • find new clients: agencies or direct clients
  • join a group of other translators pursuing similar goals

Using daily e-mails with a specific task that will take about 30 minutes, you’ll use the month of March to build marketing into your daily routine. We all know that consistency is the key to a thriving business with plenty of work in the pipeline, but many of us struggle to put that into practice. March Marketing Madness will help you build consistency while generating new ideas about how to market more effectively. This group is open to translators in any language combination.

Important note: this is a challenge and accountability group, not a marketing instruction course, and does not include individual feedback on your work. If you’re looking for marketing instruction or for individual feedback, take a look at Getting Started as a Freelance Translator (starts April 1), or Marketing to Direct Clients (starts July 8), or contact me at to book an individual consulting appointment.

Registration includes:
-20 daily e-mails (one per weekday between March 4 and March 29) with a specific marketing task for that day, including detailed instructions on how to complete the tasks, and how the task will help your overall business development

-One weekly question and answer session (recorded, not live; the group is open to translators in any time zone)

-Group accountability and discussion (optional Slack group) or private accountability (a tracking sheet that I’ll send you)



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