Online courses with Corinne McKay: ATA-certified translator and author of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, a business how-to guide with over 10,000 copies in print.

"At the start of this year I decided to invest in myself and take Corinne McKay’s course Beyond the Basics of Freelancing. The course was fantastic, full of lots of interesting materials and useful tips and tricks on how to move forward with our businesses. I was particularly struck with how generous Corinne is with her time and how she makes herself available on conference calls, inviting questions to answer and debating business issues with fellow translators. If you are wondering how to move up a gear in your business and take it to the next level, studying the BBF course is an excellent way to help you do that." -Jason Willis-Lee, MITI

"Though I was more or less satisfied with my business, it had plateaued and I wasn’t sure how to up my game. Corinne’s class was exactly what I needed. I came away from the class with a concrete plan and timeline for the next 6-12 months to take my business to the next level." -a participant in "Beyond the Basics of Freelancing"

"Neither in my undergraduate classes in education nor in some of the more practical classes I took as part of my MA in English (including the course connected to my assistantship as a writing consultant) did I ever experience one course that delivered as much precise and helpful information as Corinne's course."- a participant in "Getting Started as a Freelance Translator"

"This class offers a great overview of all the essential aspects of book translation and helped me narrow in on the best avenues to pursue based on my background and interests. One of the best parts of the class was the opportunity to get direct feedback from Corinne and to ask her so many questions." -a participant in "Breaking Into the Book Translation Market"

My online courses are open to translators in any language combination and anywhere in the world. You work on the materials on your own schedule during the session (with the exception of the optional live question and answer sessions). What sets my classes apart? Personal attention: you'll receive individualized feedback on your homework, and we'll do eight live question and answer sessions. You'll finish the course with more confidence in your business skills, and a plan to help you earn more money, find new clients, and get more enjoyment out of your work.

  • Marketing to Direct Clients, for freelancers who want to find, market to, and work with direct clients. Next session starts May 8, 2017. Cost: $380/$365 for ATA members
  • Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, for beginning translators who want to launch and run a successful freelance business. Next session starts August 21, 2017. Cost: $380/$365 for ATA members.

Each class is fully online and runs for four weeks. We do four sets of online videos, 20 daily tasks, two weekly live question and answer sessions, four homework assignments with individual feedback, and a private online discussion group for class participants. Each class is approved by the American Translators Association for five continuing education points.

More comments from past students:

"Simply put, this is one of the finest resources for any translator. No matter what your specialization is, I guarantee you will take something away from Corinne’s online course. For those just starting, it will instruct and guide. For veterans, it can remind and reaffirm. In either case, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience!"

"Corinne is a blessing to all of us translators that have not reached terminal velocity yet. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of a freelance translator’s challenges and has great passion for helping her students. Her books are great, but her online course is even better, because you take a feeling of “I can do this!” from it. I had a big increase in income the year after I took Corinne’s course and I attribute a large portion of that success to Corinne. I could not think of a better way to give your freelancing career a big boost than taking her course. Very inspirational, very valuable information, great program all-round!"

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